Hello and welcome to my first blog post. This is where I will try to post some interesting or noteworthy ideas that come across my mind. I’m pretty sure my posts will be pretty infrequent, but I will try to make some interesting posts. Please feel free to follow my RSS if you would like to be informed when I make a new post.

Expected Topics

  • Security: Network Security, Dev Secops and other InfoSec musings
  • Linux
  • Python
  • Sustainable tech usage
  • Other random stuff

About Me

I guess a little about me would be good, My name is Angel Alvarez, I am currently a “SOC Engineer” at a reasonably sized data center company.

I’ve recently have taken coding more seriously now and I am finally getting the concepts and able to write some very amateur code, but hey, it works! I’ve been learning Python but recently I’ve also been playing around with Rust, and so far been loving it.

I have nothing really else to say, if you would like to send me a message please feel free to do so with e-mail or DM me on Twitter